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Real tears appeared for the first time at his 2 month doctors appointment during which Aiden received 4 immunizations (Pediarix(DTacP,IPV,HepB), Prevnar, Hib, RotaTeq). He cried a whole lot after a mean nurses jabbed 3 shots in his thighs. Afterwards mommy quickly calmed him down with some food. The experience was as stressful for mommy and daddy as it was for Aiden.

In the evening Grandma Alla and Grandpa Gena came over for a 2 month birthday visit.

Almost Crawling

Aiden likes to “crawl” with mommy’s and daddy’s help. After a while he gets pretty frustrated, especially if we stop helping him. He also likes to “stand” with our support and attempting to take steps.

During his time on the playland, he likes to hold his rattle after we place it in his hand and attempts to shake it.  He loves to watch his mobile in the crib–mommy usually paces him under it during her workout time.

All of the activities are relatively early for his age.