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Bunny Guillotine

Aiden gets the bunny guillotine—an old favorite from Daddy’s youth.

Tuckered Out

Aiden fell asleep driving home from a good dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


Aiden doesn’t want to leave the beach house. When we say that we have to go back to work, Aiden insists that we can work from here instead. He also calls the house “Baba’s House.”

Star Wish

Aiden completes the poem:

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish
I wish tonight
I wish for….
“Another Star”!

First Bee Sting

Aiden was stung by his first bee today. While swimming in the pool with Grandpa Ron, a bee was stuck in the water and got Aiden in the leg.

Aiden was a good sport about it, and when combined with a full day of playing in the sun, decided to take a nap.

Crime Scene

Aiden investigates a crime scene.

Toy House

A house for toys

Chalk Face

Aiden and Daddy stop drawing on the sidewalk, and start drawing on our faces.

Scuba Man

Aiden prepared for bath time.