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Aiden plays Happy Birthday and the Meatball Song at his guitar recital.

Shot May 18, 2013

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Aiden at Bat

Aiden at Bat at Steven’s birthday party.

Shot March 10, 2013

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Guitar Recital

Aiden plays Ode to Joy for his guitar recital.

Shot February 16, 2013

6th Birthday, part 3

Aiden’s 6th Birthday Party

Shot February 2, 2013


Aiden “sleds” down our back yard.

Shot February 1, 2013

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6th Birthday, part 1

Mid-Day Cupcake celebration of Aiden’s 6th Birthday

Shot January 27, 2013

Airport Ninja

Aiden is the feared Neck Pillow Ninja

Shot January 1, 2013


Aiden’s first time driving anything

Shot December 12, 2012


Aiden goes crazy in a bouncy in Scottsdale, Arizona

Shot December 12, 2012

Message to Future Self

Aiden records a message to his future self. And complains about getting clean

Shot November 25, 2012

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