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On his 8th month birthday Aiden can fully sit on his own now. During our week long trip to Destin, Florida, Aiden made his first real attempts at crawling which we got a chance to capture on film. He is still unable to crawl all the way, but definitely making good progress trying. It seems like he is doing a much better job flipping back and forth in order to transport himself and at times while trying to crawl forward he actually ends up crawling back a bit.

He talks a lot in his own, in his little baby language. He seems to be very close to being able to say complete words. He seems to be a lot more aware and a lot more curious of things around him. If any object comes into his area of reach, it becomes Aiden’s.

While on vacation in Florida, Aiden was responsible for the tragic lost of a coffee cup from the table in the rental house.  Fortunately it was already empty.

Also, while in Florida, Aiden got to swim for the first time in a swimming pool at the rental house. With mommy’s and daddy’s help, Aiden got to float in the water and did a froggy style swim. While in the pool Aiden also got to float in his own tube with handles. He also got to stand for a brief moment in the Gulf water. He was a bit afraid as the waves touched his feet, but mommy quickly raised him to safety. He was very fascinated by the flying sea gulls and pelicans on the beach.

While on the trip, Aiden found his new favorite toys, which include plastic fishes and frogs that came in 3-packs are meant for bath time. It’s amazing how 2 sets of $.99 toys can be so much better then some expensive electronic toys.

After our vacation, Aiden seems to have a problem being left alone in the room and even being left for extended period of time in his play center without someone playing with him. It has lasted for 2 weeks already, but it seems to be getting a bit better, at least we hope.

He can no longer be left in a rocker by himself while sleeping. Aiden has learned to sit up and seems to enjoy it a lot, but without any support he could very easily fall out of it.

While going on the walks with mommy and daddy, Aiden now sits in his stroller without the care seat. Just like a “Big Boy” would! He enjoys it a lot more since he gets to see everything around him.

Doctor, round 3

Aiden had his 8th month pediatrician appointment at All Children’s Pediatrics. While being examined by Missy he did an excellent job, even when he received his shots (RotaTech and Previnar).

For his 8th month visit his measurements include: length 27” (27%), weight 21b. 7oz (80%) and head size 45 (51%).  He’s continuing the trend of being short and chubby.