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Aiden can now fully roll over from his belly to his back going from left to right. He doesn’t like being on his belly therefore his newly learned skill comes in handy quite often. He can also sit up for a while without falling over, especially when he sits on the solid surfaces.

He is very curious about everything around him. Nothing is safe as long as it in his reach. He loves to crumble up paper. Today while shopping at Kroger, Aiden was responsible for the grocery list. As mommy and daddy tried taking it from him for a while to refer to it, Aiden got really upset.

Aiden gets very happy when mommy and daddy tickle and play with him. As he gets excited he laughs, smiles, and if standing tried to jump up and down on his feet.

He enjoys sitting in his play center and occupying himself for about 10-15 min. depending on the mood. His favorite toys tend to be little balls that can roll down a tunnel. He tried to eat them and eventually ends up throwing them down on the floor.

Aiden is pretty good about his night routine. He gets his last feeding at 8pm every evening and falls to sleep by himself in his crib afterwards. He still cries during the night, but generally on the good days putting in his passy tends to calm him down. Somewhere between 4-5 am he generally wakes up due to tummy rumbles. Usually feeding or gassy medicine tends to calm him down.

Car Ride

Today Aiden had his first full day away from home on the family trip to Cincinnati to celebrate mommy and daddy’s 4 year anniversary. Aiden slept through most of it and was carried for the rest of time. He was great in the 1.5hr car ride on the way there and back.

Sitting Up

Aiden can almost sit by himself, but he still needs some support. After a while of sitting up he tend to fall forward or to the side.

Over the weekend mommy and daddy bought Aiden his first miniature soccer ball to promote his love for the sport. Currently we tease each other as to what would be acceptable sports for Aiden to play, so far soccer and tennis tend to be the only two acceptable choices with football, baseball and basketball being on the non-preference list.