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Aiden had his first Hibachi grill experience today.

We went to Osaka for Tanya’s birthday, and Aiden sat with us at the grill.  He liked the show that the chef put on for us. and started clapping at a few points.

He really liked the rice, and even some of the veggies (when I sneak them in with a bite of rice).  A few bites of the steak, too.

At the end, the chef tried tossing a few pieces of shrimp at people around the table to catch.  Aiden decided that since HE was doing it, it would be perfectly acceptable to throw food himself.  Not the best aim, though.

Dinosaur, part 2

Aiden plays with and feeds his new toy dinosaur – part 2.  Shot August 19th, 2008.

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Dinosaur, part 1

Aiden plays with and feeds his new toy dinosaur – part 1.  Shot August 19th, 2008.

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Making Music

Aiden playing with his keyboard.  Shot August 7th, 2008.

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Aiden playing with his Nemo.  Shot August 5th, 2008.

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Bad Stick

Aiden has added two more words to his vocabulary: “Bad”, which is pronounced “baaahhhhd”, and “stick”, which is pronounced closer to “ick”.

And he knows that the cats are “bad”.

Sugar High

Yesterday, Aiden had a bit of Italian Creme Cake for desert around 6:30 PM.   “A bit” is being a bit conservative–he ate quite a lot, and had icing too.  Probably not the best idea an hour or so before sleepy time.

He was literally bouncing off the walls.  He would run around, run into the walls, bounce off, and run around in a different direction.  He spun around, played with his magnet-letters on the fridge, and once he got bored with those he started throwing them around.  It was pretty wild. 

In the middle of it, he clearly wanted more sugar.  He grabbed the box of teddy-grahams, and when we refused and tried to give him wheat thins, he tried to get into the candy cabinet.  He grabbed the hershey kisses and wanted us to unwrap them.  What a monster.

Luckily, we seem to have timed it pretty well.  His sugar crash coincided with his sleepy time, around 8:00 PM.  He was a bit excited when we first got to his bedroom, but he quickly calmed down, and didn’t even cry when we left him.  He slept through the night, until about 7:30 AM.