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Back To Work

Today was mommy’s first day back at work after a 13 week stay with Aiden. While mommy and daddy are working, Aiden will be spending time with Grandma Alla and Grandpa Gena.


While the family was over for Easter, Aiden got to spend some time with both grandmas. He looked around the table curiously while everyone was eating–definitely an activity overload.

During this month we’re trying to stretch his eating habits from 3 to 4 hours.  It has definitely proven to be problematic at times (mommy usually gives in if there is too much crying).

Social Security

Aiden received his social security card. Now we can start his Educational IRA!!


Aiden loves to be held–not surprisingly he sleeps a lot better in someone’s arms. He prefers to sleep with his face covered by blankets and likes to have his burp cloth near him. At times while being held he concentrates his attention on random objects in the house (usually high contrast) and stares at them for a period of time.