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Aiden is feeling a lot better now–since Thursday, actually.  He hasn’t had a fever since Wednesday evening.

He was quite cranky all weekend, however, which we’re chalking up to him still recovering from his illness.  He’s been very “fragile” lately, and wants to be held a lot.  But at least he’s not sick!


Aiden has been sick for the last two days.  We took him in to the doctor today–turns out he has a little virus.  At least it’s not Strep.  His fever peaked at 101.7 yesterday, but he hasn’t had a fever at all today.  He’s feeling a lot better, and is actually eating and playing, so we hope he’ll feel better soon.


Aiden continues to make mommy carry him around.  Mush!  Mush!

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Magic Carpet

Aiden makes mommy drag him around on his magic carpet ride.

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Mount Everest

From the archives — Aiden prepares for the climb of Mount Everest by climbing in the fridge.  Circa early 2008.

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Aiden acts as the director of his own movie.

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From the archives — Aiden uses a corndog as a hammer.  Circa early 2008.

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Aiden dances with a butterfly during his Birthday party.  Shot February 7th 2009.

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