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A Tooth!

Aiden has popped his first tooth out into his mouth.  It’s just to the right of the middle on his bottom jaw.  He’s been pretty cranky lately, and this goes a long way to explain it.

Sleeping Through the Night

Aiden has been pretty good at sleeping through the night lately. He still wakes up from time to time, missing his passy, but overall, it’s better than before.


Every morning, between 4:00 and 6:00, Aiden wakes up, and we end up bringing him into our room. He falls back asleep in our bed, snuggled up with us.

That’s probably a bad habit to form (for him), but it’s hard to break (for us).

Denver Testing

A while ago, Aiden went to the doctor for his 10 month visit.  The doctor was a bit concerned that he was behind on a few key areas (he still doesn’t crawl, nor couldn’t stand up on his own).  We had never really encouraged standing, so we weren’t sure if it was his deficiency or our own fault.  The doctor wanted Aiden to take a Denver test to see where he was on several key developmental areas.

So we went crazy trying to get him to stand up.   And he did, that night.

Now, he’s able to pick himself up on almost anything–a chair, your pant legs, the side of his crib.  We’ll walk into his room in the morning, and he’ll be standing there in his crib, right in the corner, looking at you, arms outreached in the pick-me-up-pick-me-up position.

He can also sit up from a laying-down position.  It’s funny–he gets on his stomach, and gets into a crawling pose.  He keeps his hands stationary, but “walks” forward with his feet to get his bottom up in the air.  Then, he falls over onto his side, and pushes himself up onto his bottom.  It’s amazing that a little human can figure these things out on his own, and in such a unique way.

So, we went back to the doctor for the Denver test.  45 minutes of waiting led way to 5 minutes of testing.  And, by “testing”, I mean “questions for us”.  We could have done this test ourselves if we had bothered to look it up.  AND, since it wasn’t a “regular” office visit (no co-pay for that), we had to pay a chunk of our deductible.  Ugh.

Party Time

For the first time, Aiden stayed with his grandparents at their house without us. It was awkward.

We had our annual Christmas party last night, and while we’ve had little parties at our house with Aiden around, this party was larger and we thought we’d try it sans kiddo. We took him over to Grandpa Genna’s house around 4:00, and, as usual, Aiden was ecstatic to see him. We said our goodbyes, and headed for the door. Aiden got a very concerned and confused look on his face, but didn’t cry.

The party went well (pictures), and afterward we went to pick him up.  He was asleep, slept on the drive home, and slept through the night.