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6 Months Old!

For Aiden’s 6 month birthday mommy and daddy went out to eat at Pesto’s and had his routine Friday night bath time. Grandpa Gena as usual brought over toys.


Aiden made a full circle playing on his play center for the first time. He took his time playing with each toy/object with definite preference. During reading time with Grandma Alla, Aiden made a small tear in the Purple Peacock from his favorite colors pop-up book.

Ga ga goo goo

Aiden made his first deliberate “ga” sound.

During the day while reading his favorite colors pop-up book, in the excitement Aiden pulled and torn part of his Yellow Lynx, mommy will repair it to minimize the damage. During reading time Aiden’s new favorite thing is to flip the pages of the books.

Daddy accidentally scared Aiden during a sneeze, “bug attack” and while coming in to the room all during one day. During the “bug attack” scare Aiden cried a lot.


In the anticipation of tickling Aiden hides his neck from daddy and mommy and giggles before, during and after it. He’s outgrown his 3-6 clothes and now has moved into 6-9 month. Aiden has upgraded into the 2-3 size diapers, last step before he moves on to “cruisers”. He loves to eat his Gerber purées, his favorite flavors include pears, apple sauce, peaches and prunes. Aiden really isn’t a big fan of in peas, carrots and sweet potatoes therefore mommy has to sneaks them in with other nummy foods. Usually he realized the difference between them from bite to bite but still eats the with a face of disgust (based on the smell I don’t blame him).

He loves to grab and pet the kitties. Usually he reaches for their ears, collars and especially tails which are mostly hard to grab. Ozzy and Isis tend to be the only ones that can stand the abuse for a bit, unlike Fredo and Fermi who immediately run away.

Aiden loves to watch and sometimes dance to the Russian music videos. From time to time mommy and daddy arrange dancing time to Aiden’s most favorite dancing song.