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Hello Animals

Another from the archives.  Aiden saying hello to all the animals at Henry’s Ark.  Shot August 23, 2008.

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2-Year Doctor Visit

Aiden had his two-year doctor visit the other day.  We switched to a new pediatrician, who we like better than the prior ones.  She runs a small office, and we feel like we get much more direct attention than at the larger office.

He weighed in just under 30 pounds, at 33 inches.

We were mostly concerned about Aiden’s vocabulary.  We made a list of all words he has ever said, and it came out around 30.  Add in another dozen or so animal sounds, and we were bumping up on 50.  She said that’s perfectly normal.  The fact that Baba (Grandma) speaks to him in Russian all day, while we speak English to him all night and weekend may be a bit confusing, she suggested, but in the long run, it will be a great advantage to him.  She knows of kids who were raised bilingual, and they were slow to start talking, but once they did, they quickly picked up both languages.

Our other concern was that he isn’t eating very much.  Turns out it’s all the juice he drinks.  We’ve cut out juice (well…now we heavily dilute it with water at 10:1.  He doesn’t like it as much.) and he has become an eating machine.  He snarfs down two to three pancakes at a time.  Some oatmeal.  Lots of fruit.  Not so many veggies, though.  What a difference that juice makes!

He had to give a blood sample, which was painful to everyone involved.  Two more shots (DTaP and MMR) didn’t help either, but we’re horribly behind on the vaccinations, and we have no hope of getting Aiden into any activities without being up to date.  Six months until the next round of DTaP is due, so he has a bit of recuperation time now.

Sweedish Fish

From the archives — Aiden slurps on a sweedish fish candy.  circa January 27, 2008.

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