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Poor Aiden is sick.  He’s had the sniffles for about two weeks, off and on.  The last two days, he’s had a bit of a fever.  It’s pretty sad to see him in such a pitiful state.

Yesterday, his fever hit 101.8 (well…  “101.8″ on our in-the-ear thermometer.  I don’t have a lot of faith in it.)  We were freaking out, but a good bit of searching on The Google leads me to believe that it’s (a) not uncommon for babies to have fevers, (b) can be brought on by teething, and (c) not really dangerous until over 104-105F (which sounds insanely high to me).   So, we’ve calmed down a bit.

He seems to be doing better this morning, but he still seems off.  I hope this isn’t related to the vaccines he received two weeks ago, or the cow milk, or the switch to goat milk.

Yummy Cat Food
Running With A Balloon
I Can Feed Momma, too!
Mommy Chasing Me
Cookie Chomper
Goat Milk

The Internet is a funny thing.  You can type in “autism” and pretty much any other word, and you’ll find people claiming a link between the two.  Cow milk?  Yep.  Same with microwaves, cell phones, computers, televisions, formula, and everything else.

Either way, we’ve switched over to goat milk from cow milk.  It’s insanely more expensive (topping $12/gallon) than cow milk, but it does seem to set better on his stomach.  His diaper was filled with a rainbow of coloured droppings over the week he was on cow milk, and it seems to be a lot more consistant with goat milk.

I still think it’s cheaper than formula, at least. 


So Aiden hates the vacuum cleaner.  Or, loves it.  Not sure which, but he’s definitely very passionate about it either way.

I was vacuuming the other day, and Aiden saw me pushing what must look like a large loud purple monster.  He started screaming (not in a scared or hysterical way…more like shouting “AAHHHH!!”) at it.  He’d walk over, and sort-of push it around, trying to knock it over.  Perhaps he’s trying to mimic the sound it makes, but he just kept yelling “AHHHHH!!!” over and over.  Comedy gold.

More Balloons

Aiden’s vocabulary now consists of “Balloon”, and that’s it.

“Bah woon”.  All day, every day.

Even at non-balloons.  

Books?  “Bah woon”.   The cats?  “Bah woon”.  Food?  “Bah woon”.

We get all excited when he points at an actual balloon in a book and says it, but I’m starting to wonder what exactly that word is associated with. :)

It’s pretty darn cute, though.