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Overheard at our house:

“It’s okay, she still has one arm to fight with.”

(about a toy)

Yeah…Aiden will grow up juuuust fine. :)

More words

Aiden is starting to use more words. Recent additions to his vocabulary include: boy, girl, golf, bull, and “goal!” when he scores playing Aidenball.

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Light Reading

Aiden taking in some light reading while enjoying a smoothie.


Aiden has been into singing lately. When we play certain songs that end with the artist holding the last note, Aiden also holds that note as an “aaahhhhhhhhhh”. It’s always the same set of songs, too.

And he likes it when Mommy and Daddy join in.

Good Day

Yesterday, Aiden went for his second round of “gymnastics” at the local gym. There was lots of running, jumping, and tumbling. At the end, every kid gets a stamp on their hand. Aiden doesn’t like his hands getting dirty, so he insisted on taking the stamp on paper instead.

For dinner, we all went out for Grandpa Ron’s birthday. Aiden did very well at the restaurant, staying in his chair the entire meal!

Happy Father’s Day

Aiden wished Daddy a happy fathers day over the weekend, getting him a fancy espresso kit to go with the new espresso machine. It came in handy when the whole family was over–everyone enjoyed the drinks.

Thanks, Aiden!

New Words

Aiden has been talking more lately, and his vocabulary is slowly, but surely, growing. White at Henry’s Ark over the weekend looking at the animals, he said “Llama” and “Piggy”, and he has been saying “Momma” lately, too.

There’s still plenty of goofy noises, of course.

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Mommy and Daddy were trying a new strategy—let Aiden fall asleep on his own in his room. This didn’t go so well.

He was standing at the gate to his room crying for a few minutes. Then we heard some bangs and noises. Then we hear him coming down the stairs. We assumed he knocked his gate over, or maybe climbed over it.

Turns out, he took the little stepping-stool we gave him to climb into his big-boy bed and moved it over next to the gate to assist in his escape. He’s already a criminal mastermind at 30 months!


Aiden drew this masterpiece on Daddy’s iPhone:

Aiden's Artwork