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New Words!

Aiden has picked up a few new words: Box, Cat, and Hello.

And here we were starting to wonder when he would increase his vocabulary. Pretty quickly!

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Latest doctor visit

Aiden had his 18 month checkup on his 19 month birthday. He’s right on schedule as far as his vital statistics go: 33 inches, 28 pounds. He has slowly migrated toward the 50th percentile over the last few months. Basically, he has grown into some of the baby fat he had.

He currently knows about 8 different words: daddy, mommy, ball, balloon, hi, bye bye, fish, and bubble. And a whole slew of animal sounds. He hits all of the milestones as well: climbing stairs, building with blocks, responding to simple commands, and opening doors.

Yep, he’s a big boy now.

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Bye Bye Balloon

Aiden said his first sentence yesterday. We were halfway around the block on a walk when we passed a house for sale with balloons on the sign. He kept pointing them out as we approached, and once we passed, he started saying “bye bye”.

Then he said “bye bye balloon”. Pretty darn cute.

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Aiden takes to the streets in his new Radio Flyer car.

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Aiden trying out a new form of golf.

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Horsey Ride

Aiden gets a little crazy on the horsey.

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Shark Attack

Aiden attacking everyone with his shark!

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Aiden shows off his moves to some music.

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Aiden and Daddy wrestling at home.

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Zoop Zoop

Aiden laughing at the Zoop Zoop sounds the mice make in Cinderella.

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