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5 Months Old!

On Aiden’s 5th month birthday Grandma Alla bought him a yellow singing ducky and a big yellow “Care Bear.” She thinks yellow is his favorite color because “Lynx the Cat” from his colors book is yellow.

Doctor, round 2

Today Aiden had his month delayed pediatrician visit with Dr. Jeffrey Wampler. Due to mommy’s and daddy’s fears of toxic vaccine poisoning, Aiden only received one shot of Prevnar and oral RotaTeq and skipped Pediarix (DTacP, IPV, HepB) and HiB. During his immunization, Aiden cried a bit, but probably mostly out of shock.  Daddy helped the nurse hold him in one place.  While in mommy’s lap, Aiden cried a bit during doctor’s thorough examination that consisted of number of flips and rotations. Aiden did not like the ear inspection.

His measurements at 5 month are: length 25” (25%), weight 17lb. 14oz (75%) and head size 42.8 (50%).


Aiden slept through the night without any feeding for the first time yesterday. He woke up several times complaining and fussing, but giving him a passy and turning on the vibration in his crib seemed to work in calming him back down and getting back to sleep.

In most of the cases he still requires to be rocked to sleep. In the evening for night time sleep he usually does better about falling asleep on his own.

He loves to stare at different parts of his body, mostly fingers. While sitting up mostly on his own he likes to look at his feet.

His new bath routine included taking a full bath in the bathtub together with mommy, daddy and 4 rubber duckies. He seems to enjoy it. During the 20 minute process he splashes his hands in the water, in turn getting everyone wet.

Aiden also has learned to giggle. It’s absolutely the most adorable thing in the world. Generally he giggles and laughs in the response to mommy and daddy’s kissed to the cheeks and tummy. He doesn’t do it too often, but I’m hopping that will change.


Aiden has learned to grab things. Currently if a toy is held out in the front of him he will reach his hand trying to grab it. Also while being held, any clothes, jewelry, hair, and other surrounding objects tend to be fair game for Aiden’s grabs.

Besides holding things he is getting pretty good at passing objects from one hand into the next. Currently his favorite “small toy” is a set of colorful keys on the ring. While holding them, at times he gets angry which leads to vigorous shaking and throwing of the keys.

Since starting solid foods over a week ago Aiden became constipated for 48hrs. Apparently a normal occurrence, but of course Elliott and I got completely worried over it. After a full day of eating prune sauce Aided finally had his poo-poo. We never thought we would be this happy over a diaper full of poo.

Aiden has also started teething. There are no visible teeth yet, but probably will appear soon. He loves to stick soft toys into his mouth, especially a purple giraffe that came as a part of his play land. He also seems to enjoy chewing on his burp cloth, especially if there is mommy’s finger behind it.

Mommy started teething together with Aiden. Even though all four wisdom teeth were removed years ago, a new one has showed up.  It turned out to be a “paramolar”, which seems to be fairly rare.


We have started solid food.  We tried some rice cereal, but mostly he enjoys different flavor fruity foods including apple, pear, banana and prune. His favorite flavor so far tends to be pear, but apple sauce is a close second.