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4 Months Old!

For Aiden’s 4-month birthday we visited Grandma Alla and Grandpa Gena’s house. Aiden got scared and maybe slightly disoriented after being in unfamiliar place.

Rolley Polley

For several days now Aiden has been able to roll over onto his side. He still struggles to do it at times, but he is getting better at it. We have repositioned the mirror on his play mat, he loves looking and smiling at himself. Also anytime we carry him around in the front of a mirror it seems to capture his attention.

Almost Crawling 2

Aiden almost crawled on his own today, after a while of trying and making very little progress he got frustrated. Mommy and daddy quickly picked him up in order to prevent more crying.

He is also almost able to roll over on his side. His changing table is slightly curved on the edges which make it easier for him to roll. But even when lying in his bed he can almost roll over on his side.

Mother’s Day

For mother’s day Aiden bought mommy a great card with a kitty on it.


Aiden has made a lot of developmental progress in the last month or so. He is great at holding up his head and following things. While laying in his crib he reaches/plays with his toy tiger and cowboy, both of the toys have rings which he has learned to grab and shake.

Probably the most noticeable accomplishment is his speech. He does the standards goo’s and gaa’s, but he is also starting to develop other sounds–at times it almost sounds like he can say “mama.” I’m assuming it will be his first word based on his current patterns.

Aiden loves looking at his books, especially the “colors pop up book”. The first picture in the book is a yellow lynx cat which he seems to have a preference for.

He has definitely learned that asking for attention gets results. Instead of crying for it, he starts “talking” which makes him sound very pitiful. When someone is in his sight he sort of reaches his arms up. Both mommy and grandma tend to encourage that behavior.

He’s having hard time falling asleep on his own; generally he needs to be rocked to sleep with a passy in his mouth.

Aiden now eats from the bottle during the day while mommy is at work. This process at first took a long time, but it got better. The bottle definitely comes second in his choice of preference. His current eating schedule usually ends up being every 4 hours with occasional 5 hours segments. Generally he eats 4-7 oz. from the bottle.