Aiden had an unlucky day on Monday.

First, he got tangled up in some kite string, and it gave him a very nasty cut/burn on the back of his ankles.  He has an amazingly high tolerance for pain, so it doesn’t seem to bother him, but it bothers ME just looking at it.  I really hope it doesn’t scar.

On a walk, he was running (Daddy was chasing him), and he fell forward on the sidewalk.  He caught himself with his hands, but he was going so fast that he nearly flipped completely over, and bumped his forehead on the sidewalk.  He has quite the scratch on his forehead on the left.  It has scabbed over.  I really hope it doesn’t scar.

Finally, we were outside playing around, and daddy was throwing a volleyball around, bouncing it off of the house.  It bounced right into Aiden’s face, knocking his pacifier out.  He didn’t cry much–I think it scared him more than it hurt.  But I feel unbelievably guilty about that.  At least THAT one won’t scar (him, physically–only me, emotionally.)

At least Tuesday was a much safer day.

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